Best Export Lager Beer, Lilek page # 100 Grade 1- Sold on 11/17/14

  • $ 800.00

Best Export Lager Beer, Lilek page # 100, This can has been black lighted and is all original. This can displays just beautifully, a on grade example can cost in excess of $3000.00 Best Brewing Co. Chicago, IL   Grade 1-  Circa 1939-40


The Best O.I cans have always done well for us. On grade examples, which we have had a couple have sold for $2500.00+ this example that just sold was always picked up at shows. It was not nice enough for the minty guys and to expensive for the off grade collectors.


we were asking $900.00 and accepted $800.00  unless there is a large find, this can remains strong.