Champagne Velvet Beer (1944 on policy) USBC 157-6 Grade 1/1+ Sold 2/14/15

  • $ 175.00

Champagne Velvet Beer (1944 on policy) USBC 157-6. This can is all original and was part of a find from a home owner doing some renovations. There is 13 Champagne Velvet cans from the find and 6 Burger cones from the find. The home owner says he put a hole in the ceiling and a Burger cone came tumbling down. The home owner stuck his head in the hole in ceiling and pulled the cans to safety. There was also 4 Sterling O.I cans in the find too. This can basically has a couple nicks. This is not a rare can, but to find them this clean is a real challenge.  Terre Haute Brewing Co. Terre Haute, IN.  Grade 1/1+  Circa 1944.