Cook's Goldblume Beer (Robert E. Lee) USBC 158-7 Grade 1/1- Sold 11/21/14

  • $ 330.00

Cook's Goldblume Beer (Robert E. Lee) usbc 158-7, can has been black lighted and is all original. This is not one of the dozens of Cook's that were found with no spouts, this is original. This can does have some small specks of humidity. F.W Cook Brewing CO. Evansville, IN  Grade 1/1-  Circa early 1950's


i think the buyer did well on this can. It often gets over looked since it is almost identical to the Cherokee Cook's. The Cherokee Cook's have been found in numbers on a couple occasions. In our opinion the Cook's Robert E Lee can is still a tougher can and  price is still trending steady.