Hamm's Beer Metallic, Lilek page # 380 Grade 1- Sold on 11/17/14

  • $ 400.00

Hamm's Beer (Smooth and Mellow) Metallic, Lilek page # 380. This can has been black lighted and is all original. This is the tough metallic Hamm's can. The Hamm's can does have some small speckles. Theo. Hamm's Brewing Co. St. Paul, MN.  Grade 1-   Circa 1946/47


asked $500.00 sold for $400.00


we only had one other Hamms metallic O.I can, and that other can was ongrade. The ongrade Hamms sold for $800.00. All Hamms stuff always seems to sell.

price on metallic Hamms O.I cans are trending steady