Spearman Ale, USBC 134-31, Grade 1 to 1/1+ Sold on 04/04/19

  • $ 500.00

Spearman Ale, USBC 134-31, All original can, with a neat looking vanity lid. I have seen collectors at shows with this can in their totes, and they call it 1/1+. The can is a dark green, I explain that the entire can is tarnished evenly all way around. Many make this mistake, as soon as you take a clean true 1/1+ out into the sun, you can see the bright green metallic pop. This is a beauty, and they are quite difficult to find spot or tarnish free.

Spearman Brewing Co. Pensacola, FL

Grade 1 to 1/1+

Added on 04/03/19