Willows Lager Beer, Lilek page #877, Grade 2 Sold on 11/17/14

  • $ 500.00

Willows Lager Beer, Lilek page #877, This can is all original. This can I am guessing was either found under a house or a crawl space. Willows is very displayable with spots, although most of the gold is spot free. San Francisco Brewing Corp. San Fran CA.  Grade 2  Circa 1937.

I have seen on grade Willows sell for over $6000.00 we had a exceptional example at one time and after sitting on the can for months we finally sold it for $3500.00

A grade 2 example will sell for less then $1000.00 at one time a example like this would get $1000.00 now around $500.-$750.00 Prices have been trending down on all grades.

Asked $600.00 and sold for $500.00