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The good guys Tom, Dave, and Dan want to welcome everyone to the new web site! We are very pleased with the end results, it makes my life so much simpler and should be much easier for all of you to navigate. Easier for me means many more updates, which in turn means many more options for you the collector.

This site was designed by a can collector and his team, we couldn't ask for anything more, someone who understands what collectors want from a web site. A big thanks goes out to these guys, we are so pleased and hope you all will feel the same.....Thanks Guys!

We encourage everyone to go through the web site and get familiar with the different functions, categories, and galleries. Some tips that maybe helpful, I noticed if you are using a Ipad to view the site, i suggest viewing the beer cans as a "List" setting. If you are viewing beer cans look to the upper right hand corner, you will see a box with a "Grid" setting or a "List" setting. I prefer using the Grid setting from my Desk top, and the list setting if I am using my ipad.

As you are viewing beer cans there is descriptions about each can, condition, rarity, and so on, you may also see something about a can being black lighted. We will black light cans to make sure you the consumer is getting a original beer can. The beer cans that have been air brushed are just about impossible to tell without a black light.

You may also notice in the section of Sold cans that a description may say something like "price is treading up" or price is "steady" This is just our own views on how prices have either come up with time, or have gone down. We understand condition is everything, but in many cases we have had multiples of many of these cans in differing conditions. Many instances prices have been dropping due to larger finds, we will inform you to any finds we are part of, or hear about.

Beercansplus has decided to show realized prices for cans sold. We are okay with this, but we have added dates to when these beer cans were sold. Many of times we will get a phone call from someone who has found a beer can, and has done some research and found a sold price of his can. In many cases some of these cans were sold at the peak of pricing, or there have been large finds in recent years of these beer cans. We will try to explain this to the seller, but usually to no avail. This is also very common with many seasoned Beer can collectors, we will hear "well so and so has it on their site under sold cans for this much$$, Our response is always the same, What year was that beer can sold?

If you have already signed up for email updates, you DO NOT have to sign up again. For those who want to sign up for email updates, you will see a pop up box (only one time per visit) put your name and email and you will get the updates.


Please let either Tom, Dave, or Dan know how or if you enjoy the new web site or if you have any problems. Thanks, and enjoy the site!!

The Good Guys!


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