Our time spent at the Nelson Brothers collection!

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Kelly Thomle flew into Illinois from Arizona to attend the Hoosier Cabin Fever show in late February. We had a great time at the show, Kelly scoring many new cans for his shelf, and I came home with one amazing on-grade brown Biermann flat top that I traded with John Kotteman to get the can. It felt good doing a old fashion trade.

We arrived back home from the show late on Saturday and we had a invite from John and Mark Nelson to stop over and view their collection. We made a attempt the previous Thursday to make it to their home but the snow came hard and quick so we had to turn the car around and reschedule.

John and Mark Nelson are the most passionate collectors I have ever met. I have always known these two to be great guys from our local shows. When Kelly and I arrived at the Brothers home, we were greeted with a pizza and a large selection of either beer or soda. We started viewing the collection from A since the collection is displayed alphabetically. Kelly and I were truly impressed, especially with the tab tops, amazing cans, stuff that many only dream of acquiring in a life time. Mark Nelson was my tour guide, he was explaining the rarity and when and where he obtained the cans, I had many questions that Mark happily answered.

Kelly was guided by John Nelson, and Kelly and John had a long question and Answer period about the cans.

If any of you get a Invite from either Mark or John Nelson I highly recommend you take a look at a truly amazing collection, with two of the nicest and most passionate guys in this hobby. Thanks again guys!!

Please take a look in the galleries of pictures Mark and John allowed me to photograph their cans for our web site.



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